About Us

Sharm Transfers is the leading company of low cost door to door Transfers In Sharm Elsheikh. Sharm Transfers provides both individuals and travel agents with a comprehensive range of local Transfers From Sharm El Sheikh Airport via taxi, minibus and coach. Transfers can be booked online in 3 easy steps. We also provide instant online confirmation, cancellation and amendment of your booking.. You can book Sharm El Sheikh Transfers online in 3 easy steps as we provide instant online confirmation, cancellation and amendment of your booking of Sharm Airport Transfers.

Sharm Transfers company is considered the no.1 Airport Transfers In Sharm El Sheikh for many reasons but the main 4 are:

  1. Sharm Transfers is not just a booking agent nor only a transfer provider, Sharm Transfers is both, we do it ourselves that's why we care to provide a faultless service.
  2. Our rate is the lowest and that's only because we run the business ourselves so we don't really pay any commission to any other party and the fact that we're a local transfer provider, makes our expenses way less than any other transfer booking agent or Transfers From Sharm El Sheikh Airport provider.
  3. We arrange for our staff to work on different shifts to achieve a 24/7 Airport Transfers In Sharm El Sheikh, so you never have to worry if your flight is delayed or landing a bit earlier than scheduled, we'll always be present for you.
  4. Sharm Transfers agents have entry permission to different areas of Sharm El Sheikh Airport Arrivals and departures terminals. They will guide you through the arrival varies procedures with NO extra charge.


We provide our service of Transfers In Sharm ElSheikh in a very simple, flexible and efficient way but you still need to be aware of the airport procedures in order to have a joyful airport experience, so please read carefully the following before you make any Sharm El Sheikh Airport Transfers Confirmations.

  • Arrival

once you step a foot in the Sharm El Sheikh Airport Arrivals Hall:

  1. You'll find our representatives waiting for you in Sharm El Sheikh Airport Arrivals terminals with a very obvious Sharm Transfers board in the travel agents zone right on your left.
  2. You'll only need to show your confirmation booking invoice/voucher just to prove and confirm your Sharm Airport Transfers with us.
  3. Sharm Transfers representative will hand you immediately your registration card. He will instruct you on where to do and what to do as well. Our representative will also explain if you need a full Egypt entry visa or not.
  4. After you get your passport stamped, you'll head to the luggage claim (conveyor belt). It's on the right hand side if in T1, right in front of you if in T2.
  5. After you pick up your luggage, you'll find a group of our representatives ready to start your Sharm El Sheikh Airport Transfers, the first one will be holding a Sharm Transfers board to welcome you, another representative after him will check your name(s), the status of your booking and he will also tell you the bus number according to your destination and point to you where you should go.
  6. In the parking area, you will find the last Sharm Transfers representative who will confirm your bus number and your destination after you tell him only the name of your hotel.
  7. Our Sharm El Sheikh Transfers service representative, who will be fully informed of your booking details, will escort you to your hotel. (There might be other stops before your hotel depending on your booking type).
  • Departure
  1. one of our representatives shall show up in the reception of your hotel 10 minutes before the pickup time holding our Sharm Transfers board.
  2. When he finds you, he'll check your name(s) and the status of your booking. Our representative will accompany you with your luggage to your bus to escort you to the airport (There might be a few stops after your hotel depending on your booking type).
  3. After you arrive to the departure hall, you'll find another Sharm Transfers representative confirming the check-in counter numbers and the flight time and of course notifying you about any flight delay.
  4. That will be the end of Sharm Transfers service in departure but we are going to give you the normal check in procedures in order to have a complete image of what you will do:
    • First of all you'll line up with the security check queue.
    • After that, you will go to the check-in counters as advised by our agent (on the left hand side in T1, In front of you in T2).
    • Next step will be PC (Passport Control), you will again line up to get your departure stamp.
    • There will be one more security check x-ray (on the right hand side in T2, in front of you in T1) before you get to the gate where you will take the bus to you aircraft.
    • Toilets are everywhere in the airport, before and after every step you go through in the airport.
    • Once you check-in, there is no way back to outside the airport so make sure you have no reason to go back before you check-in